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Welcome to Desert Fox Studio! We're a smart and sociable team of creative professionals committed to producing meaningful and strategic brand design and marketing. Our goal is to communicate messages that change perceptions, connect with our clients' vision, and enrich the communities around us. We’re responsive listeners who build trust by fostering relationships—and that's at the heart of everything we do. Design for good is just the beginning.

But despite all its benefits, of utilizing our masterful service for you're logo design needs, we have one big perk that set's us aside from all the other competition. We don't charge for our services! Yep, you read that right, we don't charge, we simply ask for a donation that you can send us via paypal for the work that we do for you. No donation is too little or too high. We realize that everyone has a budget and Desert Fox Studio want's you to be able to maximize you're wallet to get you're logo made and still have funds left over to buy marketing material with you're new logo on it, or however you choose to use you're budget for you're business/website.


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